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Welcome to Shepherd's Cast

Thank you for visiting!  Our goal, as a religious organization, is to equip the saints with knowledge about tough passages in Scripture or to answer questions about topics that you haven't had explained to you.  We adhere to a Reformed Baptist theology and our beliefs are best outlined by the 1689 London Baptist Confession!  

If you have any questions or you want to know more about a specific topic you can contact me or follow the links below!

The Gospel

Something that we hold dear, here at Shepherd's Cast, is an ability to be able to clearly and faithfully communicate to both the saved and the lost what the Gospel is.  It is important for many, many reasons - but the main reason we want this to be the highlight of our ministry is because of the many instances where we see this not being done.

We, along with our friends at Exiled House of the Meme Lords, have taken the time to do just that - clearly articulate the gospel.  Please take the time to enjoy this video, and if you found it helpful, share it!

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